Allegoro Communications | 4 Tips for Consistent and Timely Blog Content
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4 Tips for Consistent and Timely Blog Content

By: Carly Wallace, Guest Blogger

Consistent blog content creation helps build reader loyalty and search engine optimization (SEO) results. It gives the blog a better chance of being used for key words and can position the author as a credible source. This is a huge deal considering there are few of us who look at the second page of a Google search. Unfortunately there is no magic secret for constant content creation. It takes creativity, research and what a lot of us don’t have; time. You may think that blogging isn’t that important but in a business context, it is your marketing tool. Even if you don’t have your own business you are marketing the most important thing which is you. Whether you suffer from “bloggers block” or are strained for time, here are four tips on how to keep up your content:

1)    Write several blogs at once

If you have a day full of ideas, use it. You can always write several blog posts at once and that way you have content ready when you want to post.

2)    Create a content calendar

A content calendar is like an agenda for your posts. It helps to organize your thoughts and visuals. Create a sheet that includes the due date of the post, the visuals and any preliminary research or text you would like to use. Doing this in advance can save you research time later since you already have the base for your post. Most importantly, you are setting due dates for yourself.

3)    Write articles based on timely trends

We all saw how viral “the dress” went. Why not use these trends to your advantage. Using a trend that relates to your topic can help to grow your audience and spark some new ideas. If you are stuck on timely trend ideas, check out the national day calendar.

4)    Interview guests

If you are having a hard time creating new content, interview someone related to your topic and feature them on your blog. You can reach your own audience as well as theirs and gain new insight into your topic.

These tips can help bridge the gap between the planning and execution of your blog. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect or at least, good consistent content.

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