Allegoro Communications | Data Analytics & Storytelling
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Data Analytics & Storytelling

Businessman touching financial dashboard with key performance indicators

6 Questions Every Business Owner Should Be Asking:


  • When are my customers more active during the year?
  • What could be some of the reasons behind a slower buying season?
  • When has my business been most & least active over the last 2 – 5 years? What could be the reasons behind this?
  • Are there specific items in my product line that have a big market potential but are not doing well because of fewer sales promotions and an overall lack of awareness within customers?
  • When have I received the best return on investment following promotional events and customer outreach programs?
  • Can I use any predictive analytics to focus better on my strategy?


The answers to these questions are hidden within your data! 


You may already have a sense of what the answers to these questions might be but you are unsure.


There is a wealth of information within all the data your business generates. Some of your data sources are:

  • customer logs
  • sales reports
  • sales volumes
  • itemized expenditure lists


Allegoro Communications can help you use your data to bring out key insights to help you understand, assess, refine and redefine your strategy.


Our skill-sets include:

  • data wrangling
  • statistics
  • visualization
  • machine learning


We research and write compelling stories backed by thorough data-driven analytics.

How Can My Data Work For Me?